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  1. i have just received my router. motorola.. i tried to install it and it worked. my question is that how come my INTERNET CONNECTION led light shows YELLOW (10 base-T) connection but my ethernet is solid green (100-base-T) coz ive read in the manual that the led light should always be SOLID GREEN (all of them) whats the difference of 10-base T and 100base T? I also checked my dl and ul speed (146 & 163) its seldom i get this connection speed. after i installed my router, it dropped down to the speed ive mentioned. anyone, help pls?! thanks in advance. my router is MOTOROLA VT2442
  2. hello, ive read the first post in this thread ... im wondering if its a risk if i tweak and follow your 20 steps... im having the advertised speed within the past few weeks and im just thinking if i can still maximize or optimized without risking my SATISFACTORY speed. if i follow your 20 speed-up tips would my connection be like 512-7++?? thanks. heres my speed info
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