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  1. Haha very well said. Its just sad they have so many customers that they cant manage and address problems easily. As long as you have connection thats it WE DONT CARE. Im moving on now to a wired ISP dsl . Even tho wimax is coming im not that excited it might be more worst than smartbro dunno if its 3g. Too many bad experiences with wireless.
  2. Yep sir its a line of sight canopy i can see the canopy now and the cell tower seems pretty alligned ehehe . I guess im there wont be any answer to my problem its best to switch isp. Dunno if they can monitor individual connections but im a very heavy internet user especially p2p apps. Maybe they capped me on purpose BUT thats stupid cause they advertised us with UNLIMITED.
  3. OW finally my prayers are answered. Im dishing out my smartbro . A new ISP has arrived in my area wohoooooo. Im moving to PLDT 1 Mbps same price more bandwith i know its doesnt have good rep. But il take my chance its been 3 yrs of hell with smartbro WOHOOO. Id still vote smartbro worst isp in the philippines.
  4. Additional speedtests using different sizes.
  5. No need to use satelite dish sir my house is infront of smart tower. Color code you mean thru canopy? nop i wanted too its lock. I used 3 MB file to warm connection up but no matter what i do its just capped at 30 kB/s
  6. Well about my canopy its locked hardcore i got a reply from Customer care need to add more info hoping they would send someone to fix this btw i can accross Kbps converter here in testmy this is the actual speed im getting during NON peak hours 12 am - 6 am (30 kB/s is 245.76 Kbps) and observe how much bandwith im loosing 384 Kbps is 46.88 kB/s (advertised) im only complaining about non peak hours cause we all know smartbro is uber congested.
  7. Hmm good idea. But i did try a laptop using my connection and i did check connections unfortunately same results T_T. I just sent an email thru my isp's customer service about my concern. Waiting for answer hopefully.
  8. Yep its been this way for a long time now. I have tried reformat stil no use. Is there a way to reset my connection with smartbro? its just weird my friend can stil download a file at 40 Kbps yet im capped at 30Kbps T_T and where on the same base station.
  9. I know sir but when i call they will just tell me routine bullsh*ts "Sir you connection is stil fine its reaching 60% blah blah theres nothing wrong with your connection sir" I stil havent had luck on accessing my canopy T_T i havent tried override plug antenna is too high. I need some advice on what to tell the customer service so they would listen to me. Im 100% sure if i tell my reason im only reaching 30 kbps download they will just ignore it T_T.
  10. I need help or any suggestions. This smartbro is really getting on my nerves for almost a year now from a fluctuating connection very very unstable and now a new problem came up. Guess what they capped my speed to 30 Kbps (downloading a file). Ive tried lots of tweaks from posts here even coolbuster's 20 steps. Nothing.. To start off before i can download at a rate of 40 Kbps which is not that bad or maximum speed for my plan 999. I know 40 Kbps is not that fast and now they capped me lower 30 Kbps i always observe my download speed specially on non peak hours 12 midnight and up so theres now
  11. yap yap ipconfig/renew tpos unplug ko ung power source ng canopy operator told me i was getting the wrong ip kaya wala me net tinry ko na delete ung nkasave n good setting ng cablenut then using j79zlr i made a new setting based dun sa bago kong speed na bumagal..pero now wa effect n sya..i also tried removing all cablenut settings but no such luck too..
  12. elow po ive been tweaking my smartbro connection using cablenut it was successful at first im reaching a stable speed of 400k+ (while viewing youtube DL's etc im monitoring it using AnalogX) but recently i lost my connection for fck*n 3 days i called the hotline and they manage to fix it...but now my connection is somewhat unstable now while viewing youtube my net peaks at 400k+ then goes down to 56k then goes back up again etc.( im monitoring it using analogX) d ko alam kung ngffluctuate ung twag d2 pero bago ako n DC for 3 days stable sya sa 400+ plz i need help^________^ nkak
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