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  1. I think this proxies are fetched from a program called proxy switcher...

    Yes they fetch by proxy swithcer.

    And Yes they are not smartbro proxies.

    I'm been using alternative proxies because I'm experiencing a lot of traffic with and during peak hours

    plus an alternative proxy is good to bypass a download limit on rapidshare. :smiley:

    these proxies are not smart bro proxies.. they might slow down your internet and you cannot access some sites..

    Yes, you may experience error link when using those.

    no it is not a proxy server of a program, this program (software) search for proxies wheter be it private, public, anonymous or dangerous proxies...

    it could even discover proxies that government uses (not our government, other government.. hahaha)

    Yes, they even also sniff private proxy... now all I need is a pass :cheesy:

  2. 1mbps is worth P3999. and i can't afford that anymore. this getting out of hand.

    we better stick to the topic. smartbro is enough, tweak and proxy is enough to get a possible burst speed of 200kbps. I was also able to snitch a software that sniff proxies all over the country. All i need is select  one proxies of hundreds of list hehe. looks great when bypassing non-premium downloads hehe.

  3. I want to laugh hard.hahaha :D So you're trying to say that in broadband internet we can only have a speed below 1000Kbps? Please give me a link that can support your opinion. thanx :D



    i thought it was 1000mbps. hehe

    your from philippines, that means it's still not possible.

    on the other hand look in the US, insane speed.

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