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  1. i got tcp/ip optimizer but im afraid i cant use it, coz i need to restart my pc to make it effect the changes, and coz i have deepfreeze installed in my pc, it wont work, and i dont want to turn off my deepfreeze its my defense against harmful progs and the sorts, thanks much for help, i will continually look for tweaks that dont require to restart pc to take effect changes made my last reading after messing around with my ie settings edit : banned website for spamming
  2. i read somewhere here bout the simpledns prog i tested it got these results not much change though edit : banned website for spamming im gonna search for that tcp/ip optimizer and try it out, thanks
  3. how does simple dns work, i mean how does it speed up my internet speed, does it directly speed it up or it just make opening websites faster? 14day trial periods is ok i just have to keep installing it every time i use it
  4. 1200+php for globe512kbps and phone - wireless connection for 1.5mbps 995php but this one is wired connection as mentioned 995php for 512kbps wireless so got any tweaks tips for speeding up my upload speed? any help will be highly appreciated thankyou...
  5. omg, these worm things still happen, ouch, i reported this thing bout more than a year ago to their cust care at smartbro, my firewall stopped a malicious code from infecting my pc, the weird thing was the origin was from a valid ip, of smartbro meaning another user online, ouch, they still dont have safeguards, omg, when i was new to smartbro i also reported and complained bout too many users online slows my connection, i can actually see them in the networkplaces, after reporting it they did something LOL my pc isp speeds, is still slow but i can no longer see and count how many users
  6. i used to be a smart wifi/smartbro user for almost two years a few days ago i got VPN (voluntary permanent disconnection) i totally gave up on smartbro (my average is 200-250 on DL and bout 150 on ups with smartbro 384 package), now i got globe 512kbps with phone wireless 3g bundle, i get faster DL speeds but it seems my upload is slower maybe you have tips for me on how to tweak settings maybe make it run faster on upload or overall performance i would have posted test results from testmy.net but i dont know how to get the image to post edit : banned website for spamming
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