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  1. it is my own account on a private server, I dont think thats it as I have bypassed my router and even tried shutting off my a/v and firewall, with the same results

    can you explain this address for the server using filezilla

    227 Entering Passive Mode (209,222,19,212,242,12).

    is the first 4 sets of number the ip address?? then what are the other 2 sets that follow??

    it seems like I am connecting fine to the server, but almost like something is blocking the info (handshaking) coming back from the server

    since I believe I have eliminated anything on my end blocking, is it possible that xplornet is blockingthe return data?


  2. ok, I have been in touch with xplornet support thru email and phone not less than 15 times in the last month over degraded rapidshare speed from the hours of 7 am to 1 am, they have out and out lied and said they do not throttle rapidshare but it would seem from what I see here that they are lieing to me.

    can someone confirm that they are in fact causing my slow download

    when rs is degraded,my service on hotfile still download at my normal 110k

    whats next?????? they are gonna pull this stunt on the other services too

    bad enough my 5 mb package is thttled back to 110k but 35 k is criminal

    that being said is there any way to get around their throttling?

    also Bell Aliant is breezing into town with their fixed wireless, does anyone have any experience wuth their service?

    xplornet has now become virtually useless for me now

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