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  1. When you say remote assistance, what exactly are you trying to do? Thanks, Jim P
  2. What OS and browser are you using? Thanks, Jim P
  3. The signal strength won't have any effect on your download speed. It has to be something else. Once the receiver "locks" on the signal, variations up or down just don't have any effect. It is a digital signal, so it is not like a radio signal that can fade down etc. Once you hit the noise threshold, it just falls apart completely and looses contact. The stronger the signal level though, the less chance you will have losing it when bad weather hits etc. My signal sits at about 62 as well, slowly dips during the day to around 56, then slowly back to 62 by sundown. It drops out complete
  4. I use the Cisco VPN client (version 4.0.3) to get into work. Works OK here with the DW6000 CE. The speed will be slow, so expect that. It does work fine though. Addionally, our company uses IPSec over the vpn. Enable Transparent Tunneling - Should be enabled in most cases, with one of the two following IPSec protocols enabled. I could not get IPSec over TCP to connect, but when I tried IPSec over UDP it connected right away. This is something you may want to check with your IT folks. See if the VPN gateway host supports IPSec over UDP, as it appears to directly
  5. I have yet to get spam on my DW email account. But it's only 3 months old. By the way....Outlook = SPAM. Coudn't pay me to use it. It is the defacto web client for all hackers to focus on. Jim P
  6. Welcome SK. I've been on DW since late march. Couple things. What browser are you using? IE gives the best speed (by a couple hundred Kbs) Don't know why. You have good signal strength and that will help when it rains etc. More memory will indeed help you out. Make sure you have the proxy settings set as was described above. I'm on an older system as well with win 2000 and the DW6000 and my speeds are consistently right at 1 meg down. Even with early tweak-needing etc., my 30 day average is 950K. OK, not cable speed, but WAY better than the 28k dial-up I had before. Have fun,
  7. Is the terrain open between you two?
  8. AMC-9 is a new satallite for Direcway to use, but it is not a "new" satellite. Apparently it has some open channel bandwidth that Direcway has purchased. It is quite low in the sky, so some locations will have problems getting to it. It has an elevation angle of 30 degrees here on the West coast. Very hard to not have obstructions with that low an angle. They were going to put me on it as well, but we could not get to it. Should work fine if you are locked on to it. By the way, there are some who will swear AMC 9 is not used by direcway,. Once again, they are wrong. Good luck,
  9. Hello shufdog. Well, it depends on what you are looking to do. Presently, there are two main providers of consumer satellite access for the internet. Direcway and Starband. While they have slight differences, what you need to have knowledge up front about are today's realities with satellite access. If your expectations are in check, you will make the decision that best fit's your needs. All of these comments apply to both Direcway and Starband. 1. The Satellites are 20,000+ miles away. Even at the speed of light, the time it takes to get there and back introduces a time lag (latency) tha
  10. Good deal.. What satellie and freq. are you on? Thanks, Jim P
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