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  1. :::.. Upload Stats ..:::

    Upload Connection is:: 8022 Kbps about 8 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)

    Upload Speed is:: 979 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (Main)

    Test Time:: 2008/11/29 - 5:29am

    Bottom Line:: 140X faster than 56K 1MB Upload in 1.05 sec

    Tested from a 5983 kB file and took 6.11 seconds to complete

    Upload Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 105.38 % faster than the average for host (98.176)

    U-Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-1AQLBYRH6

    User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; InfoPath.2; Zune 2.0) [!]

  2. Start by compiling test logs of that speed, tons of them. Then call your ISP daily complaining. Have techs come out regularly to trouble shoot. If you're lucky it's something simple in your house. If not keep complaing LOUDLY until something is done. That's what I had to do, turned out my streets were'nt up to date. Took 2 years for me to figure out that I had to kick and scream(figuratively) , and keep records of the speeds I was recieving, to get the right peoples attention... GL

  3. JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHERE TO BEGIN... I was on a 6 DL and 1.5 UL package, but i was only hitting .6 DL and always staying at 1.5 UL. Short of it is, my neighborhood network was way out of date. It took 3 years of complaining to Comcast for a fix . 1st (for you)  will need to track your speeds continously and record them. 2. (for you) have to insure your pc is not the problem: running clean, no virus, or software conflicts. 3. (your isp's duty) is focusing on your homes network: cabling, spliters, tie to the street. 4. (ips's duty) is your area network: nodes, nocs, this is where a "big problem" is. After 3 years of complaints, and being told it was always my home network. Send a tech out time after time only to test a clean setup... They finally gave in and updated the block! 3 years mind you!!! Since then it's fine. BUT bare in mind that during the times of problematic service, cablenut and van buren settings only brought my DL up. It actually reduced my UL massively. I'd suggest giving it a try, to see if it is a fix. Maybe it will work fine, never know. But prepare for the worst and expect to continually complain to your ISP until a fix is implimented...

  4. I'm not familiar with Cox seeing as though my isp is Comcast. But it took a looong time and alot of complaining for them to update my street. worst case scenario is your area network is out of date like mine. If youre lucky its a simple static issue within your house network ie: cabling kinks or bad spliter. Cox will start there if its not your pc, modem or router. have they ran any tests on there end checking to see if your modem is in the red? thats the first check point...

    One thing i noticed a long while back, when i did the cablenut tweaks. My neighborhood was out of date and sluggish, but i was able to (with cablenut) bring my download speeds way up. Strangly at the cost of my upload drastically... once my neighborhood was updated (2.5 years of complaining constantly) i was able to not only hit my upload, but with cablenut exceed it greatly (along with download of course). so you need a starting point ie: multi pc's to check speed at your home, to eliminate your given machine. secondly cox needs to check your modem and look for any red flags ie: feed back. next would be cable or splitter issues. lastly, after a lot of complaining, they just miiight check your area network for any issues. GL

  5. so i called and complained, again, about speed slowdown. as usual they send out a tech the next day (i did however get a free month out of it)... so the tech shows at 3pm, i make him well aware of the speed issue time frame. thankfully when the tech was out front my neighbor complained about slow dl's and glitchy cable too. so it's not just my feed from the street. he calls supervisor, and between the super and a engineer they are going to show up here and speed check at the "aledged time frame". so far it sound like a clear network issue in the area.

    i say call and complain everyday, keep speed tests everyday to prove it, and rally the neibs hopefully for a resolution lol...we'll see how it pans out.

  6. are you talkning about his cpu chipset? and a 3 isnt faster than a 1.6 eh, are they exact same system setups? same chipset? actually almost 50% of 775 chipset cores hit 3 and up, and of the other 50% youre looking at maybe 20% of those being able to OC to 3. so buying in the 1 range doesnt seem effective to me is all.

  7. hehehe i'll say! whatever it is, the download becomes truly impressive with cablenut and calculator. it's just my steady 1.5 upload turned into a steady .2 after the tweak. and there lies my problem, i guess maybe i'll try running calculator again, see if some different properties come up...

    oh and i found this little gem on the forums here, brilliant tutorial on XP. ive trimmed my processes to 14 doing the blackviper tutorial (which is only cashed now). it is the second part of this post coincidentally, "bv" is a little easier to follow. but the 1st half of the post was very useful!!! thought i'd include it here in case some of us haven't stumbled onto it :)


    (I SUGGEST POWER USER COLUMN. and remember NOT turning off services in MSCONFIG only pertains to XP services, by all means kill your 3rd party software installed here to free up hardware resources :)


  8. ya youre not alone there with Comcast complaints lol. i had a tech come out, run a new line from the street after many haggling phone calls. the next tech that came was suppose to run a new line from box to inside. well it was 5pm and he wanted to get home so he spliced in crawl space under the jack n ran a new line to a new spot in wall. needless to say i was freakn pissed , my house is outdated ?"57"? cabling. not to mention original cable runner kinked the livin piss out of it lol!  as my system stands right now, my obviously overloaded node drops my download to 1kpbs in the evening, sucks terribly. so i figure if i can boost up and down, at least im sittin in a better place...  fios is just a block away from my street and im itching for it terribly! NO MORE COPPER!!! but until then id like to not be held back by isp when gaming...

    and if anyone can help me with custom cablenut ccs file for Comcast it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OK, here is what the cablenut and the calculator came up with for my system and connection. im running xp service pack2, amd athlonx57 oc'ed, 2gigs RAM, 2-80gig hardrives RAID0, 512GTX graphics card, xp trimmed to 14 processes. i am at 6 download and 1.5 upload with speedboost (so im told). below settings put me at 13 download and .2 upload. i have reverted to the cable_normal_2k ccs file, and my speeds are normal again. with below settings is there a reason my upload crashed after implemented???

    DefaultRecieveWindow 335488

    DefaultSendWindow 134272

    DisableAddressSharing 1

    InitialLargeBufferCount 200

    InitialMediumBufferCoun t480

    InitialSmallBufferCount 640

    LargeBufferSize 819200

    MaxFastTransmit 64000

    MediumBufferSize 150400

    PriorityBoost 0

    SmallBufferSize 12800

    TransmitWorker 32

    FastSendDatagramThreshold 4096

    EnableFastRouteLookup 1

    EnablePMTUDiscovery 1

    IgnorePushBitOnRecieves 0

    GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize 67160

    MaxFreeTcbs 8000

    MaxHashTableSize 16384

    MaxNornLookupMemory 5000000

    SackOpts 1

    SynAttackProtect 1

    Tcp13230pts 1

    TcpLogLevel 1

    TcpMaxDupAcks 3

    TcpMaxHalfOpen 100

    TcpMaxHalfOpenRetired 80

    TcpRecvSegmentSize 1460

    TcpSendSegmentSize 1460

    TcpTimedWaitDelay 30

    TcpUseRFC1122UrgentPointer 0

    TcpWindowSize 67160

    MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server 20

    MaxConnectionsPerServer 10

    DefaultTTL 64

    DisableUserTOSSetting 0

    TcpMaxDataRetransmissions 6

    DefaultTOSValue 240

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