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  1. i'm new to replacing heatsinks, does the one you posted (coknuck) compatible with my 90mm cpu. the specs on your link says the heatsink is 92mm. is that too big to fit in right? NEWBIE question lol

    I think you're confusing 90nm (production process) with 90mm (physical size)...

  2. I think coknuck is the most common mod face here lately.  :thumbsup: So three cheers.    :occasion14:

    You know how it is when they finally get Vice Administrator. They disappear. Swimmer, php, shug, Van Buren, how often do they post? (and any other vices I did not think of. ) not including drinking.)  :wink:

    I usually only post if I have something useful to say... that doesn't mean I'm not around

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