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  1. The cable interface on the Cisco 815 has dedicated CPU and memory and is designed to adhere to the Embedded Cable Modem Module (ECMM) standard. For the Cisco uBR905, the DOCSIS
  2. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_4/12_4x/12_4_6xe/snwshoe1.html
  3. that particuar router should be programable same as the belkin you know like linksys uses and belkin uses's access to the settings to change the AUTOSEARCH channel to a specific channel/ssid
  4. To change the channel of operation of the Router, select the desired channel from the drop-down menu and select your channel. Click "Apply Changes" to save the setting. You can also change the SSID. The SSID is the equivalent to the wireless network's name. You can make the SSID anything you want to. If there are other wireless networks in your area, you should give your wireless network a unique name. The default is Belkin_Pre-N_xxxxxx. To change the SSID, click inside of the SSID box and type in a new name. Click "Apply Changes" to make the change.
  5. 1) is the WIFI enabled in the BIOS settings so that the port will function 2) IF the DEVICE s DISABLED in the BIOS settings Enable it there and SAVE CHANGES then reboot the system 3) click on START, then CONTROL PANEL then click on ADD NEW HARDWARE..... Windows will search for any "NEW" Hardware if it is "NOT" set for PNP ( PLUG N PLAY MODE). Then when the device found appears... click on the UNKNOWN DEVICE and then complete the install and select to search the internet for the drivers. 4) if you are using a WIFI router....plug a cable into the router to access the ISP to get on the
  6. I had the same problem... since the new server went online my d/l speeds reported were cut in half.... 2 things different I noticed so I did a bit of searching.... 1) in the D/L screen while running the tests I get ASCII characters that show in my screen just prior to showing the test results window... which is some type of error on this new server.... I get it on all OS of windows on 3 different ISP's I use 2) the particular provider I use on this system I did a bit of investigating and discovered that the ISP itself has put limiters in place on the bandwidth usage so if you ar
  7. I use wildblue as well... I have the least expensive connection they sell about 50.00 a month for the 512K package... I use a linksys router.... The router has nothing to do with your satelite connection speeds for the satelite speed even at it's fastest D/L U/L speeds isn't as fast as what the router can handle. Wireless routers are capable of 54 which is much higher then the satelite is capable of sending. WildBlue uses a CONFIG file script.... do you have that script typed in? http://www.wpad.wildblue.com/wpad.dat They also take the satelite offline at regular intervals for several
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