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  1. http://www.ascendtech.us/itemdesc.asp?ic=MB64ECSKV2 http://www.barebonekit.net/itemdesc.asp?ic=MB64ECSKV2LITE Can I get some opinions on both these motherboards? I'm not sure what type of reputation ECS has in regards to motherboards? Also, I couldn't find out what the difference was between the LITE and the other motherboard. Is there a difference? Right now, I'm looking for something that I'll likely pair with a 3500+, 4000+, or a lower end AMDx2 processor. I'll probably buy a decent gaming in a year or two. Right now, I'm looking for something that'll get me through the nex
  2. Thanks for all the helpful replies. What I'm doing now is determining whether I should try to get my hands on a s939 AGP MOBO with 4 DIMMs for my 2G RAM. The system is only three years old, it was still good before I worked my dark magic on it, heh. So far, I haven't found a new s939 AGP board and doubt I will. The ones I found on e-bay ... errr, I'm not paying $60+ for something that may not work, most of them have something missing. I think I'll have to spring for a new PCI-E card. I'm not sure what mobo I want yet but I've found a few where I can still use my 4x512 RAM modules
  3. My PC Stats: MGE Viper Gaming Case 550W Power Supply AMD64 3500+ (2.2GHz) MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard (NVidia nForce3 Ultra Chipset Based) 2G OCZ RAM (4x512) eVGA 256mb 6800 Graphics Card (AGP) Short Version Of My Story: About a week ago, my 256MB 6800 eVGA Graphics Card or my Insignia monitor were having some type of pixalitation issue. The pixals lines ran from top to bottom on the monitor screen with no movement, just there without moving. The only way I got rid of the issue was to shut my PC off for five minutes then start it back up and it would work fine. A fe
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