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  1. I can say what I want to say and you can't dictate me!
  2. Extreme can you read my post? just to check if i am visible
  3. flashbaby post your score in here so that we can evaluate your speed and connection...
  4. I wonder where was coolbuster missed him...
  5. Just take a speedtest now just one test and post it here.
  6. @flashbaby have a speed test and post your score here. (attach tmn speedtest result here in the forum)
  7. I apologize for being so meticulous in smartbro technical aspect and in behalf of coolbuster2007's childlike reaction to my criticism and to some made by other members here in TMN...
  8. Bad antenna to base station connection. You must inform the customer representative about this and ask for a field visit. Send them also an email report with a screenshot of the ping test.
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