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  1. well thats a problem. as long as you can propose a business related system... anything... no maximum limits... its fine with me
  2. Hi just want to ask if you could contribute in proposing some Information Systems today that caters to some our business establishments... The FF are not applicable: -Payroll Systems -Enrollment Systems -Inventory Systems -Library Information Systems* Thank You.
  3. Thanks, so the point is the hub or the switch cannot share internet connection. I'm confused with the switch/hub from router, can u please explain more about their differences? thanks.
  4. let me ask you something, what are their differences? we have here a low cost switch which costs 500 PHP and a wireless router that costs 2900 PHP. What are their major differences (except of course that the router is wireless lol)
  5. Does anyone here have his/her SmartBro Connection split between 2 PCs or more? What should i have? Router? or a Switch?
  6. its very important that you have adaware and antispyware
  7. hahaha you can research it by yourself. Bitdefender and kaspersky are still competing. i dont know whats with bitdefender, kaspersky detects viruses that are not detected by bitdefender!
  8. thats why kaspersky is the best!
  9. try tune up utilities 2007 just for trial and try their disk doctor if does not work and the disk is still corrupt. Replace your hard drive. maybe its a physical error.
  10. maybe you have an installed security suite that is not compatible with spybot. for example if you have 2 security suites they will have a conflict and your computer will crash.
  11. nope kaspersky firewall eats a lot of your speed.
  12. Im not saying that you will use the real player for your downloading. What you will be getting is the extension that will download video files, all video files. Not just in youtube
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