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  1. guys help po please,pano po ba gagawin pag nreset to factory settings ung canopy ?salamat po Please speak in English only, thanks Here are the forum rules
  2. guys i have another question,on the 9th of 20 steps,when i click TCP/IP ANALYZER the IP address that appears is not mine..can you help me how i can make it right?ive tried to follow the instructions in FAQ but the same IP apppears...
  3. hi guys!!i still havnt tried the 20 steps..i just scanned my pc for viruse and defragment my disk and now my speed slightly went up.. thanks for your guidance and patience...
  4. the 3rd steps link say something like this.... 3. Go to http://www.[this.site.has.been.blocked.for.spamming]/ how do i get the link?
  5. guys i need help...how do i know the link in the 3rd step of tweaking?
  6. hi guys ineed help in performing the 2o steps..can you please guide me on this one?its better to ask than to act like you know everything..lol
  7. thank you very much...ill try it now and see what will happen...
  8. hahaha!!!im the fastest SMARTBRO user!!
  9. does cablenut or cfossped make your connection faster?ive downloade both but i dont know how to use it properly,can someone guide me please? if you think SMARTBROKEN is $#[email protected] wait till you see this
  10. thank you very much for your advices..especially to smartbroken_user for taking the time to reply to my messages....you are all very kind...i think i will spend more time to learn many things on this site...
  11. hi ive tried the tips on how to tweak my SMART BROKEN wi-fi,but havnt got any good results..i followed every step carefully,could there be something wrong with my connection?heres my so called SPEED TEST..take a look and see for yourself how much SPEED ive got...i BADLY need your help guys...
  12. i BADLY need your help guys...take a look at my so called SPEED TEST....probably i have the slowest connrction youve ever seen...holy $#!%^#
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