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  1. the problem seems to be right at the beginning when Opera starts to load the compressed data file, it kind of stutters for a second and then takes off OK, bu still ends up with a speed about 1.7Mb slower than Firefox of I.E. The erro message I mentioned does not occur until almost the end of the data file download. Any ideas on why Opera might have problems with the data file download?
  2. http://www.testmy.net/d_load.php?ni=1&tt=1&s=2992&st=st&ta=&top= Unknown context Syntax error while loading: line 7 of inline script at http://www.testmy.net/d_load.php?ni=1&tt=1&s=2992&st=st&ta=&top= : if( > 124000 ------^ Opera kinda stutters at the beginning of the test which lowers the test scores and the javascript console gives this message, any ideas on what is happening here? thanks.
  3. look for a program called adjuster on cablenut if you have not already. see if that helps.
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