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  1. thats easy..... mess with your canopy and request for a new one!!!!! :evil6:
  2. eFa237F in hex: e Fa 23 7F in dec:14 250 35 127 your IP would be presto u can access ur canopy!!!! i hope i am mistaken!!!
  3. OMG y did u post it- the canopy's mac address? try converting the mac add to "hex" it would be your Canopy's IP!!!!! ask the mods to delete it on forum ASAP!!!!!
  4. http://www.testmy.net/share2-BNHIK82JU i have 4 other PCs sharing this connection and currently all are occupied! do i need to tweak? can we really upgade the canopy? if yes... then how? step by step guide pls (simplified) thank you!
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