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    my bouncing speed

    im now suffering from smart bro's unstable/intermittent connection.. my download speed automatically rise when i take speed test. but falls down when i run test again after several minutes.. same case with my upload speed. the result, i cant play on ladder games..i get laggy.. i cant even able to stay on the server for a long period beacuse of my speed connection irregularity. im asking for some advices/guides for u guys.. help me!
  2. hey.. can u help me.. my download speed is so poor in day time.. as in 58kpbs only..how i wish i cud manage the setting for my speed development.. can u give some advise or guides to boost up my download speed up to 200-250kbps in day time? my upload is also unstable.. about 150kpbs but im satifsfied with it.. my only problem is my download speed. becoz of it.. i cant join/connect my fav online game.. how sad..pls people! help me ;(
  3. hey guys! can u give me some tips how to improve my download speed? my upload speed is in normal range..but my download speed is only ranging 80kbps-120kpbs..
  4. how to config and use that proxies?? can u teach me? tnx
  5. hellow.. anybody hir? wants to share ideas on setting the correct values and labels of TCP optimizer for a better connection any ideas would be appreciated!
  6. is there a PLDT DSL plan like 512kpbs? how much do pay monthly for this plan/connection? tnx
  7. does cablenut tweaks would still work in daytime/off peak hours? or your settings and conncetion speed would be back onto normal (slow)
  8. hey.. kinda confused hir. is it normal when your upload speed is more relatively faster than your download speed? it seems like they have changed.. my download speed is only 150kpbs and my upload speed is 300kpbs.. im a smartbro user. tnx
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