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  1. wala naman po nangyari sa pag sunod ko d2.. bakit po ganun?? mabagal pa rin sa umaga ang net ko
  2. wow!! after few minutes i check it again.. whaw!! i want this connection forever..
  3. my connection at 8am.. how can i maintain this speed in the whole day?
  4. damn!! my speed as of 7pm.. can u make it faster? the smart Costumer serveice said that there is a problem in our base station..
  5. my connection after i install all that program... still nothing happen.. 3:36PM in phil..
  6. That is my Speed as of 8pm... Ive done all the 20steps and the tweak but nothing happen.. my connection reached 350kbps+ at 3am - 8am only.. how can i make the 350kbps stable?
  7. Pls help me.. my connection is very slot it has a lessthan 100kbps every day.. pls help me how to make it faster.. I want to Play Ran Online without Lag..
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