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  1. I've been having slowdowns with Wildblue the past few weeks too. Down has been in the 100s Kbps in the evenings until midnight or so. Until this happened, I had no slowdown at all in the evenings. "Perfect" service for over 3 years. They put up brand new cell towers around here, so I was hopeful. One is US Cellular, and about 12 miles away. The other is Viaero, and about 7 miles away. BOTH are limited to 1xRtt speeds!! Viaero has a plan that is $30 per month, unlimited, but their service doesn't work well either. I tested their service in a few houses, much closer (as in as close
  2. That's my line of thinking with the trackpad, and in their demos I saw the virtual keypad. They also did a quick demo with the Dish Tech chat, but I missed that, all but the end. I don't know, it does look unhandy, but you'd think there would have been a lot of complaints in their product testing..., I don't know, can't say much without actually seeing one in person, maybe there is some other way to go around it, otherwise I'm needing two remotes. Also been waiting since January for the new box.... Didn't want the old model, but also getting tired of waiting. Having been a customer for th
  3. If they have their codes up for it, maybe it will work with a regular remote then, I'd think it would be smart if they did that. Not saying I won't like the new interface, I just see times when the ...old way would be better. I've seen the demos of it, looks slick though. As to your original question, can't help much. I don't have HD yet, obviously, or a DVR (thought about making one though). I have had Dish for the 10+, never a problem, never called a service tech, not that I would since I did my complete install myself.
  4. And the remote has what looks like a tracpad instead of a number pad. Mouse/computer like onscreen control, so different interface than 722 I'm guessing. I've been waiting on the 922 to replace my 11 year old receiver. I hope a person can use the old remote to change channels, I'm used to just typing in the numbers I want, takes less than 2 seconds.
  5. I pay $50 for 1/2Mb down and about 1/10 up, so yes $60 for that is well worth it....
  6. I figured you erased it, just curious. That card is basic, I'd think with compiz off it would have been fairly fast/smooth/whatever. Something lighter than Gnome would have worked better too. I just wondered because I put Gnome on a similar spec'd machine and it did ok, but the graphics card was 64mb. Much lighter than that I would put something different on, and not Ubuntu in any case. # General Features: # NVIDIA TNT2 M64 chipset # 2D/3D Graphics # 32 MB SDRAM Right, aero wouldn't be on. Windows 7 should be ok. I don't use windows myself at all, but I've worked on s
  7. Do you know what kind of graphics card you have/if you had the proprietary driver installed with Ubuntu (if there is one for your card, just curious)? If you didn't do anything after install to set up graphics you had the default open source drivers, which work but sometimes they are slow even with 2d stuff.
  8. Thanks for the offer! I hover within a few hundred megs of my limit as it is most of the time, and have to "save" in order to be able to download cds as it is. I've ordered a few before. Every time I get a new one though, then I have a bunch of things I need to install. Darn WB. I don't even watch videos. They are putting up an Alltel tower about 10 miles away (finally getting usable cell service, maybe), hopefully something will be available through that by the time I get around to trying something else. If it works this far away that is. I used KDE 4.1.2 on Mandriva. 4.2 is a f
  9. PCLOS is a good choice. The next version will be out sometime, as you probably know, but not a big deal, the beta is out, but they say not to use it except for testing, as it probably won't upgrade to final. There is also the community Gnome edition, heard good things, Gnome is better than it used to be. I was thinking with Tinyme (which is different from Minime, Tinyme is also a community remaster specifically for lighter installs on older hardware), you'd have a very simple, light, fast window manager to start with, but with the same PCLOS tools (and access to all their repository (and KD
  10. I haven't used Windows myself in 2.5 years. I run Fedora now, but definitely not for something older. Opensuse, not bad, but not for something older either. Ubuntu isn't very good, I ran Kubuntu for 6 months. Pclinuxos for months..., not bad. I like Puppy, installing more stuff might not be as easy/not as big of a selection. It includes about every basic thing though. DSL or maybe Mepis Antix. Based on my use of one that "just works", at least for me, PCLINUXOS, for something lighter, maybe this. Nice control center, synaptic, easy to install more stuff. Haven't tried it myself t
  11. Never had Hughes, but when I was looking, it was more expensive. Also the FAP is quite different, unless it's changed. It would not be useable to me, at least on the cheapest plan, like WB is. I would be at less than dialup speed most of the time. The FAP is still annoying, but at least I can download a whole iso or updates or whatever at once without getting Fapped. Have been hearing "horror" stories about WB, but not anyone I know that has it, also heard some about Hughes. discussion of Hughes FAP here http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,18387358~days=9999
  12. There are 10 types of people in this world, those that understand binary, and those that don't.
  13. I don't know about your problem, it could be interference or something. Anyway, my neighbor went through a couple of those right in a row, wireless problems too, only they completely quit and never worked again. I bought a wrt54gL (note the L) for my cousins, they are "better"/more reliable, no problems in over a year.
  14. I've had my system for a year and a half, absolutely 0 problems, no downtime (aside from that one time when the cable was cut down in Texas), slowdowns, or anything. Pages load in about 6 seconds, average size, most of the time. Not kidding. Aside from the ridiculous latency, and the ridiculous high price per month, which was known before ordering. Compared to the only other choice of 26 k max dialup, no contest. This is with Value/"cheap" pack, heavy cloud cover, and "almost" snowing. Beam 25 :::::::::::::::::.. testmy.net test results ..::::::::::::::::: Download Connection
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