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  1. At least you gave me an honest answer. Thank you again, Have a great Thanksgiving! George
  2. Hello Coknuck, Thanks for the reply. My main computer is directly wired to the modem/router, and that is the computer which is now slow. I don't much care about the wireless speed, but I do want my main machine to be as fast as it was, if possible. Thanks again, George
  3. Hello to all, Being rather new at using wireless networks, I am hoping that somebody here can set me straight on just what is a realistic expectation. I have been with Comcast for several years now, and I have always experienced download speeds exceeding 8 meg (+-). Last week, Comcast came out and installed a wireless modem/router, and now my speeds have dropped to a mere 5 meg (+-). I have read numerous forum postings about such problems, and I am not sure of the results. Is what I am experiencing just the typical end result of a wireless network, or is something wrong? Is there something I can do to return to my previous speeds? Thank you, George
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