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  1. heh looks like all be looking into that when they come back in stock.
  2. Would it be cheaper buying a enclosure then a Hard drive, or just buy one of the already put together ones I'm looking at maybe a 500gb one. Thank you for any help .
  3. Actually as i look at it again it seems as though the port i was using blew. Oddly enough i just ordered a new router on Thursday so maybe it will come tomorrow. Unless a single port isn't capable of blowing out I'm chocking that up to be the cause. A confirmation is appreciated saying yes a single port can stop working. Thanks folks.
  4. Hello, I just restarted my other computer, And when it came back on, It was saying a local area cable is unplugged. But the cable is connected firmly in the back of the computer and the router port it has always been in. Just I no long receive the ability to do anything Via the internet. On the router the lights lit up And the network card is said to be working fine just it will not connect to the internet it continuously says Network cable unplugged. I'm thinking possibly it was registry based because I ran a registry mechanic and restarted after a few hours, and it no long worked, but it might be something completely different. Any help is deeply appreciated and I can give more information if needed ---- Supreme1
  5. hehe i am a few days late but thank you sir i appreciate the help.
  6. ok here is the deal, every few days all of a sudden my sound stops working all together, I have to restart and bam fine again. does anyone know why this would happen the drivers fine but will not play. Restart poof works right away any help is appreciated. I am going to sleep now all give info needed in the morning.
  7. Alright i use to be able to click the Images filter for the down them all extension and it would highlight all the image links,,, for a site i frequent. but as of 3 days ago it will no longer do so i have uninstall ed the extension and reinstalled to no avail.So as the title says do any of you know a program that acts link Downthemall extension for firefox just as a stand alone program to see if maybe that works. Terribly sorry for my wording i am not to great at writing down what i want to really say.
  8. Alrighty thank ya much folks this was a help
  9. Alright i send files to my brother computer quite often since he has the largest HD and i have 2 externals hooked to his. What i wanna know is when i am sending the files over the line is his resources suppose to be eatin up?. Also recently he has been unable to even connect to the net when i am sending. is this normal or did i screw up somewhere. Thank ya folks for the info pertaining to the subject at hand. Also are there any GUI based Network file sharing programs?
  10. I will be using the prog you suggested Shug thank ya Buddy for the info ^^.
  11. Hello do any of you by chance know of a good free folder password protection program? if so i will be very grateful if you can share the wealth
  12. "Hits Self" XD i was also wondering if at one time any of you by chance stumbled upon a program that can clean up your right click Sub Menu. Mine is riddled with programs i don't even have anymore. thank you for any help.
  13. Woot i finally got it man thank you so much mind if i ask you another question in this thread?. regarding something else you may have stumbled upon at one time.
  14. =0 that looks like the perfect program but i can not get it to start downloading for some reason at the moment =/. THANK YOU for the help though im sure it will work soon!
  15. Hello all do any of you fine folks know of one by chance, here's an example of what i would like it to do Set Prefix Naruto - Then where the - is it can put a number descending so Naruto - 1 Naruto - 2 Naruto - 3 Etc,etc,etc so on and so on till a specified number Do any of you know of a program that can do this? Free >.> i know Free is the hard word =/
  16. Interesting all take a look.. thank you folks for the Help and such
  17. Ah yes i forgot to Mention i have Static Ip's setup..
  18. the Router is a Linksys BEFSR41 and it has the latest Firmware to my knowledge..
  19. One "Game on Alot" Two "Game ALWAYS on" Three "Internet and Chatting" Four "Barely ever even on" Normally the thing that stops the connection is where if you look on the lower right corner there the 2 Computers showing the Network Conectivity. one second that will say a Network cable in Unplugged on all comtuers and come right back up but in the process dcing us.
  20. It would be internet Based its a MMORPG.
  21. I always Forget Details =/ hehe well Hardwired Router on a 4 computer lan Running comcast Cable internet Quote"what is the configuration of the net you are playing on/from? Quote" can you explain that to me abit
  22. Ok im not sure why this happens But , Well first off we play a Game called Conquer online once or twice a week we'll have days that are just GOD AWFUL Connectivity wise. and the rest of the Week we wont get kicked off once im really not explaining this well. Monday (Terrible Connection) Tuesday (Decent Connection) Wensday (Almost no problems) Thursday (Almost no problems) Friday (Almost no problems) Saturday (Almost no problems) Sunday (Almost no problems) Now the next time it can go like that but maybe Friday or Saturday may be bad. so im just wondering if anyone knows why this could be happening and if theres like a Network Stability Test or Something.
  23. Oh My God SnagIt Oh My God i LOVE it this is the Absolute Exact Prog i needed Thank you all so so much that Helped me. Just Found a Batch type Feature on SnagIt...... Drops Dead from Delight.
  24. ^^^^^^ OMG how did you do that like what Prog did you use... and OrGaN_ShIfTeR that is wonderful aswell all need to try your prog aswell
  25. I Mean is there a way to crop it in such a way that theres no Residue of there being a border ever? i hear it's quite hard. and dlewis23 im using XBMC you push in the left Joystick and it takes a screenshot. Also thank you cholla for showing me those ways ^^
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