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  1. i heard about this microsoft reserving 20% of the bandwidth for their updates? how can i remove that in windows XP SP2?
  2. Oh sorry.. Kbps is the right abbreviation... I tried to use the TCP Optimizer and set it to optimal and as far as 3000Kbps.... it turns out to be Download 751kb/s : Upload 25kb/s : Ping 288 I will be using the Manual Tweak by Van but I don't know the values of 1mbps... The only working CableNut Script for me is: MTU 1480 , DSL PPPoE 1500 whatever that is it makes my computer fast: 886kb/s Download : 128b/s Upload : 150ms PING If I could get the exact registry codes for the CableNut Script MTU 1480 , DSL PPPoE 1000 I think that would be helpful.
  3. Im Using Windows XP SP2 I have been using PLDT Xperience 1.0Mbps for 1 month already I haven't used any tweak tool Here is the result of my Speedtest: 764kb/s Download : 27kb/s Upload : 286ms PING I only have Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in my LAN Properties Uninstalled everything except that. I only use the latest FireFox as web browser, Never IE I have the latest Driver for my NIC and Cable is directly connected to my computer with out any router. My Computer is Free from Virus (kaspersky), Spyware (Spybot) and Adware (Adaware)(Reformatted my comput
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