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  1. Hi everyone! with regards to the subject mentioned above, can anybody here could tell me which of these sites is giving me the right, reliable and accurate bandwidth/speed result? I did some series of testing (download only) from the following sites and I am totally confused, here it is:

    TESTMY.NET = 92Kbps (daytime); 130Kbps(nightime)

    2WIRE.COM  = 84Kbps (daytime); 108Kbps(nightime)

    [EDITED] = 774Kbps (daytime); 886Kbps(nightime)

    DSLSPEEDTEST.DIGITELONE.COM = 908Kbps (daytime); 912Kbps(nightime)

    btw, I am currently using Digitel Broadband Internet with 512Kbps + Landline for Php999 only.

    your comments/suggestions would be much appreciated....

    edited banned site refference

  2. hello everyone! i need some feedback (positive and negative) about digital internet service provider. i am currently using Smartbro 384Kbps Plan999 and i am planning to switch to digitel broadband internet 512Kbps Plan999 with telephone line. the reason of planning to switch ISP is because i dont get the speed what i paid for from smartbro. please help me decide specially those who are digitel subscriber.

    your feedback would be much appreciated.....many thanks!!!

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