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  1. these proxies my friend are not useless! i use them a lot!
  2. hello, just want to clarify this: does the 10/32 means im the 10th subscriber for the ip add? or not?
  3. can someone please give example on how to obtain this scale factors? i don't get it! thanks
  4. i meant climbing to the roof for the override plug not for the suppressor!
  5. so this is called SURGE SUPRESSOR? i thought this is just use to extend the wire connection in case the antenna is too far from the lan port? the technician did not install this cause the 20m wire reached my pc already! is my pc not safe from lightning? im going to try this if i have the courage to climb to the roof of our house were the canopy stands!
  6. using coolbuster's 20 steps and cablenut, here is the results! however i discarded step 10! i dont understand how to do it! the results are great compared to my previous test! this is using proxy.smartwifi.com.ph
  7. can anyone please clarify this 10th step from coolbusters 20 steps! im very lost. newbie me 10.) Know your TCP Receive Window (RWIN) values, write down the values for "scale factor of 8" and "scale factor of 4".
  8. my canopy is locked! cant access it using the steps here! but i can access it through html its 10.254.xxx.xxx is there a chance that i can still tweak it? thanks
  9. yup, using it with 3 pc's! for me its acceptable i will try this tweak on 1 pc and direct from the antenna! after this i will test it using the same procedure with my results! hope it will improved........
  10. here is my test not yet tweaked and on shared connection via router!
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