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  1. Found wireless drivers all problems are solved. Thank you mudman
  2. Got most the drivers but having problems getting the wireless driver to work yet is no flag in device manager. however i do have a flag for ethernet controller but the ethernet is working fine.
  3. Xp loaded just fine but now i have to find drivers and the toshiba website just sits there when i click links for some reason. So am in search for drivers.
  4. thank you for the fast responce. Sorry for getting back so late had a death in the family. Will be able to try this tonight sometime i am thinking thank you for advise.
  5. I have another toshiba satelite giving me problems. I read that many people have downgraded vista to xp. Every single page i go to the links are expired. from wht i read i think i am going to need nlite and put the drivers for the sata drive on the windows xp install cd. The problem i am having is that toshiba website is broken and no links for any laptop will download. I also read that i need to flash the bios to the xp bios they have listed before atempting. if anyone could help me locate the links or send them to me for the bios and drivers for sata drive i would really appreciate it toshiba satellite a205-s5831
  6. I have installed sata drivers on many machines before yet this laptop is giving me the biggest headache ever. I search and search for drivers for it to install win xp on it i do not want to bring it back to vista or install win7 on it. The model is a Satellite A205-S5000. I have read on other sites that i can get drivers from intel and they will work maybe i am using the wrong ones but when it goes to add them it causes a blue screen cause the drivers were bad. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Decided to test out the bottom card again in the top pcie slot alone (not in crossfire) Motherboard will not post with that card. Lights on keyboard flash about every 10 seconds. No picture to screen no matter what kind of cable i use. I was nearly possetive it was the psu this whole time but after talking to the xfx tech he agreed it was the card and issued an RMA for it. Guess i will have to wait two weeks and see if the new card that comes will give me any problems.
  8. Ya i only bring it up when i want to show off. If i could figure out something that would take as much cpu as i got to its max i would be oc all time but really what is their that needs something to run that fast?
  9. Thanks for the advice it runs alot better had it OC to 4ghz and purs like a kitten
  10. Got the water cooler. Holding my temps well under 40 and idel is about 29 now looks like a good cooler to me thanks for the advice i didnt even see it on newegg before you suggested it.
  11. Says 450 is min and i got a 630 with a 140 watt cpu I would think that would be enough but a little more never hurt Is it possible i had the crossfire tab in the wrong spot? i had it on the set of tabs close to the video outputs. I will try the other card out tues or weds depends on when my IC7 thermal compound gets here. I have to take the motherboard out anyways to put in my water cooler that should be here today.
  12. Here is the psu i bought http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817152035 I would think it would be enough power to that card i need to look at that link still.
  13. Think i found out what the problem is (kind of) I took out my second graphics card and everything works great. This is telling me i would think that it is either the voltage from the psu to the cards, one card is bad, the motherboard is having problems running 2 cards..( made for 4 cards) or some setting in the bios is making it crash while both are hooked up. Just a few thoughts about it hopefully with more testing it can be resolved. Played cod mw2 for a few hours no crash so far. Rebooted many times no crash on reboot. Leaving pc on for the nite see what happens.
  14. Does all this info look correct? And yes i know i have my ram under clocked just waiting for machine to be stable before i take it back to 1600.
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