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  1. Actually, your the man. Tinkering with the Registry is not for novices. Since your computer still works, you obviously know your way around it. Congratulations on your success. I actually didn't even want to suggest the registry cure for fear it would go terribly wrong.
  2. Only had to go that route (Registry) once before, but it was because of a corrupt install of the software that would not allow an uninstall. But I know it will remove the ability for that particular printer to use the spooler, and may correct the problem. Have to admit I have not seen this problem before and would really like to know what does eventually fix it. I work in the field and support about 1500 users, sure it will happen one day.
  3. Guess I should have asked, but is this a DesignJet 3500 or a Color LaserJet 3500 printer?
  4. Try removing all references to the printer in your registry. Then re-boot again, without the printer being connected to the computer. Then re-install the software and wait for the software to prompt for you to connect it back up. How many printers are connected to this print server and are any of them similar or same model? Are you utilizing the print pooling option?
  5. I noticed you referred to the machine as the print server. Did you restart the machine after the removal of HP software?
  6. What conditions would be necessary for a system to achieve 256k 4/5? I have the 7000 with a signal strength of 93 and have only seen 256k 2/3. What is it that allows the higher numbers? DW7000, SatMex 5 970mhz, WinXP SP2.
  7. Glad you figured it out, there are a lot of places on the web that a replacement MB can be purchased. Just google the Dell P/N, the part number is on little white tag with a barcode on the edge of the board. Good Luck.
  8. If you are not getting beep codes, the video is not likely the problem. That model has a power supply issue that may be your real problem. The way to tell is the power button will blink or be solid amber in color. If this is the case, pull the CMOS battery and let it sit for a few minutes, then replace and try again. If it starts, the power supply is causing the problem and needs to be replaced soon, as it is most likely putting out too much voltage on the +5 side. If it still will not start, it has fail outright. If you determine the power supply is good, the processor and/or the systemboard is bad. I really think the problem is the power supply.
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