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  1. The Pro is a good system, you will enjoy it esp. the networking capablility. I just sold a 1500 today... Customer cannot wait to get it installed!
  2. I can use both of my connections a Pro and Ultimate on this site. When you do the test, do the "test your download speed" Not the test both. On the download test use the "larger" file size. Do the same for the upload but use the medium file size. If you are running a web accelerator, you will need to disable it while you are testing. I get, on the Pro plan, around a 550 - 650 download with between 98 - 120 up. On my Ultimate it is usually about 1250 (only one time have I saw it lower than 1250) and the upload ranging from 240 to 260. StarBand is marketing more for toward the high-end home office/small business users and not as much for the residential customers. The lowes rate plan you can get with the new Nova series 1000's will be $69/mo with 24/mo contract ($10 higher per month for the 12 month contracts)
  3. Sounds like someone didn't do a very good install for you.... I sell and install StarBand, I have never saw speeds that slow! I have upgraded customers from the 360 to the Nova Pro and the new Nova 1500, they have been very satisified with their speeds. I have the Pro plan here at my house and the Ultimate at my store. With the Nova Pro the advertised speed is up to 512 down and up to 128 up - this plan has been replaced with the Nova 1000 with up to 1024 down and the 128 up. The Nova Ultimate was 1024 down with 256 up, now it is the Nova 1500 with up to 1.5Mbps down and 256 up. The price plan has went down with the 1500 plan, it was $129/mo with 12 month contract now it is only $109/mo with the 12 month contract. StarBand has announced that upgrades will be available for current Nova Pro and Ultimate customers on Dec 17. As I have understood, the upgrade fee is going to be $150 added to your bill.
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