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  1. i already did the tweaks and i also change my canopy settings. But still nothings change.. I want to have the same speed as Coolbuster. .Please help me guys.
  2. hi there..can u please help me on how i can speed up my smartbro connection im playing online games and i'm always disconnected because of my net connection, please help me guys..hoping for you reply... Thanks in advance..
  3. hi when will be the FDC be released Coolbuster, I want to have the same speed as yours..what is the specs of the PC your using?? Last thing is, if FDC will be released where can I buy it?? thanks a lot..Also pls help me with my smartbro plan 999
  4. Hi to all..how can i make my speed connection up to 1000 kbps..currently i'm only at 400 kbps..PLs help me..I'm using smart bro plan 999. Thanks in advance
  5. Yes i can access my canopy i changed them to 500 each. .what do you by changing AP..do you have YM??
  6. its still the same..i've already done the tweaking and the cable nut setting and also the canopy
  7. i am on smart bro plan 999..Thanks for the reply to my post...
  8. Hi to all people in the forum..I just want to ask on how can i increase my speed up to 512 kbps..pls help me here..I feel like what i'm paying for smart is not worth is..my current speed is only 200-300kbps..PLS HELP..Thanks
  9. Please tell me about the number 10 step . About the scale factor of 8 and scale factor of 4.. Don't know which values are those..Help pls..
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