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  1. Worst experience, dropping Smartbro after 4 days and going to get DSL installed... I went in and ordered smart bro last friday... Monday they installed, no calls to say when they would be coming... They left and the installer said there's a 10 day warranty and gave his number in case of problems. Everything seemed ok until I tried to upload to my server, my download speeds were 380Kbps but my upload speed 0-90Kbps and mostly at 0... Tried calling smart bro, response: 'just monitor it'. Tried texting technician who installed, no response. Tried calling technician, didn't
  2. Ok, I just moved to a new place today and got smartbro installed. At the other place I was getting 45kbs on upload. At the new place I'm getting a nice 48kbs download but upload is horrible!!!! at best 11kbs... Its so bad i can't even upload a 100k image to blogger.com... Does anyone know what the problem might be? I've tried the tweak but with no real change to the system, except for a few k extra on the download. The upload still doesn't work... Can't be my computer/registry because it worked fine for upload just yesterday at the old place and the signal is good for downl
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