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  1. I did all the steps (20 of them) and I plan to use the proxies next. After doing the 20 steps by coolbuster, didn't see much improvement. Did all the cleaning (used the advised Apps for the cleaning), defragment, the whole enchilada! I am using a router and my guess is I can't get the desired results because of this. So these settings, proxies, 20 steps etc will really not work unless the Canopy is directly connected to my PC? Just an additional info my Canopy is just 169 feet from my the Cel site (or is that the base station?). I get an average of 380+ download speed from another speed test site. The download and upload dual test in this site gave me 340 -370 kbps average download and 250 - 300 kbps upload. Not too bad but I wanted to reach close to 500 kbps or more. Greedy I know BTW I appreciate all the information contributed by everyone. Really helpful despite not getting the results, the additional knowledge from reading and doing the process is awesome.
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