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  1. just a noob question.. where can i find or how can i access the cnut??????
  2. woohhh.. whooopping result! no proxy but with open dns and tweaks.
  3. i think she's SHE.. hope i get it right base on the pix. neway, bout your problem. its always been a problem for those who have phone that has a joystick. so i suggest that if your going to buy a phone in the future, avoid getting a phone with joystick. if you know how to solder, you can fix it yourself. just buy a replacement joystick for your phone. its cheaper than buying another phone anyway but i do hope its available in your local phone repair shop.
  4. bcb not working anymore? i dont know that coz as of this moment, im enjoying globe free gprs. btw, rcr is reload, cancel reload. what fon unit you are using? if your fon has the option to secure the connection, you can also try the connection lost way. when you are connecting to globe homepage, do you encounter connection lost and cant connect to any site? if that so, turn on the connection security in your gprs settings and try to connect again. a message will prompt in screen but just press the ok button and voila!!!
  5. yay.. thats bad.. i have to climb in our rooftop again. those cable wires from electric provider here block the LOS and i cant remove it or else, they will sue me. i guess i just have to live with it. thanks anyway.
  6. freebrowse (no manual tricks eg. bcb, rcr, etc.) only works mostly in s30 or s40v1 or those fon that you can secure its connection and a globe sim that cant connect to gprs without securing the connection..
  7. just a question.. how can i increase the RSSI? my jitter and usersectorcount is good which is 1 but i can only get an average of 410 in rssi which is below the minimum of 700 base on what i read in here.
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