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  1. anyone from davao using PLDT 990 plan?
  2. this is a great deal of innovation if this would be successful but i think i wont b able to try this cuz i've had enough of smartbobos crap, i think i'll transfer to pldt next month.
  3. INTEL!!!! no more no less!!!!
  4. thanx man!!!! now i feel relieved!!! btw as of now im havin no worries bout my speed averagin 350kbps. what bothers me was that flush dns thing. thanx!!!
  5. ian is there any other thing i could try aside from restarting cuz im still unable to flush it. ive been experiencin this error for almost 2 weeks. btw, my pc is free from viruses, spywares and other stuff like that. anyway, could bein unable to flush my dns causes any complications? cuz i think im gonna leave it that way if theres none.
  6. ianonline i need your help.... i cant flush my dns using ipconfig /flushdns at d command prompt. i posted it in d how to tweak smartbro thread. i get this response: Windows IP Configuration Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution
  7. use the first ap, color 37 since it has the highest RSSI of 779 and the lowest Jitter of 1 although it has a disadvantage of having 73 user count... and maybe try setting ur Sustained Downlink Data Rate to 800 and the remaining 200 to ur Sustained Uplink Data Rate.
  8. jpopc79 i also tried it without the space n i got the same error report. i try repairing using the system tray Local Area Connection icon since i usually can't connect easily to the net. it happens almost everyday during the first time i turn on my pc.
  9. i need help. i cant flush my dns wen usin d command prompt "ipconfig /flush dns" heres wat it says: Windows IP Configuration Could not flush the dns DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution. anyone pls help and yah i also can't repair my Local Area Connection (Smartbro)
  10. hihihihihihihihi i love this forum!!!! LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!! hahahahahahaha
  11. hahahaha i second the motion!!! it really does sucks
  12. to all d guys n lovely gurlz here at testmy, u all hav my deepest gratitude. i was able to learn a lot o stuff here from tweaks to global news n pc updates. i salute u all!!!! btw, i was able to find this site back then when i was searchin for ways to boost up my netspeed and luckily a friend o mine told me to check this site. since then i've been visiting from time to time gatherin new infos n of course to educate myself more n more bout pc's and other stuff. THANX GUYS!!!!! i'm at home here!!!
  13. cool new wallpapers!!!! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  14. hehehehehehehe ianonline count me in!!!! i badly need some speed ups with the help of that extra canopy!!!! btw, CB!!! dude about ur Formula De Coolbuster!!!! huhuhuhuhuh i'm d guy from davao who pm'ed you before, when will i get a hold of that FDC??? it's been like several months since u last replied, i assume that its now consistently functional...... please
  15. YEHEY!!! hopin to hear updates from that PRIZM thing soon!!! hope it works perfectly cant wait to change to 7mb
  16. though I can't remember what I did before??? grin But anyways, thank you... >>> well i've read a lot of discussions here, ur opinions, advices n recommendations were all fruitful. thanx again dude!!! CB, FB n You were a great help to all of us here esp to me since I know little about PC's. Keep it up!!!
  17. wow thanx EF!!! uv done it again!!! upgrading my canopy was a success!!! made my speed boost from 360 to this one!!!! thanx man!!!! nice to have kind people who shares their talents!!! uv always been a great help to us here!!! thanx again dude!!! i am very grateful!!! yeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!! anyway, am also hopin to hav that FDC by CB soon!!!
  18. what's a SYSTEM MECHANIC 7.5??? what does it do? could u guys pls confirm d reliability of this stuff? anywayz coolbuster, frostbound and extreme fusion are my most reliable reference here... their discussion really helped a lot!!! lucky to have these experts share their stuffs here for free. keep up dudes!!!
  19. This forum sure gives us "average users" a lot of information. anyway I'm usin a 999 smartbro plan. below is the result of my test. I'm usin a free AVG virus scan and Spybots anti spyware as well as the Hijack This program and regularly perform scans. I tweaked my connection usin Coolbuster's 10 steps as well as that Canopy stuff. my problem is I'm playing RFonline and I usually get a heavy dose of LAG. How come? Anyway I'm usin a 512 RAM and a 256mb GS 7600 which all my friends agree that its enough to make the game run smooth. Is it because of my internet speed? Please help me out guys
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