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  1. ian is there any other thing i could try aside from restarting cuz im still unable to flush it. ive been experiencin this error for almost 2 weeks. btw, my pc is free from viruses, spywares and other stuff like that. anyway, could bein unable to flush my dns causes any complications? cuz i think im gonna leave it that way if theres none.

  2. i need help. i cant flush my dns wen usin d command prompt "ipconfig /flush dns"

    heres wat it says:

    Windows IP Configuration

    Could not flush the dns DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution.

    anyone pls help  :sad3:

    and yah i also can't repair my Local Area Connection (Smartbro)

  3. to all d guys n lovely gurlz here at testmy, u all hav my deepest gratitude. i was able to learn a lot o stuff here from tweaks to global news n pc updates. i salute u all!!!!

    btw, i was able to find this site back then when i was searchin for ways to boost up my netspeed and luckily a friend o mine told me to check this site. since then i've been visiting from time to time gatherin new infos n of course to educate myself more n more bout pc's and other stuff.

    THANX GUYS!!!!! i'm at home here!!!  :smitten:

  4. hehehehehehehe ianonline count me in!!!! i badly need some speed ups with the help of that extra canopy!!!!  :hello:

    btw, CB!!! dude about ur Formula De Coolbuster!!!! huhuhuhuhuh :crybaby2: i'm d guy from davao who pm'ed you before, when will i get a hold of that FDC??? it's been like several months since u last replied, i assume that its now consistently functional...... please  :lost:

  5. what's a SYSTEM MECHANIC 7.5???

    what does it do?

    could u guys pls confirm d reliability of this stuff?

    anywayz coolbuster, frostbound and extreme fusion are my most reliable reference here... their discussion really helped a lot!!! lucky to have these experts share their stuffs here for free. keep up dudes!!!

  6. This forum sure gives us "average users" a lot of information. anyway I'm usin a 999 smartbro plan. below is the result of my test. I'm usin a free AVG virus scan and Spybots anti spyware as well as the Hijack This program and regularly perform scans. I tweaked my connection usin Coolbuster's 10 steps as well as that Canopy stuff.

    my problem is I'm playing RFonline and I usually get a heavy dose of LAG. How come? Anyway I'm usin a 512 RAM and a 256mb GS 7600 which all my friends agree that its enough to make the game run smooth. Is it because of my internet speed?

    Please help me out guys  :sad:

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