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  1. Hello, I work for an ISP in Latin America and we have bought several DPC2100 Series cablemodems from Comcast but I have the problem that they wait between 8 - 15 minutes to connect. Everything looks fine, when I power it up, all lights turn on, then cable light begins to flash until it finds the connection. any idea will be highly appreciated...modem details are: DocsDiag v030720 Copyright 2001-3 Robin Walker [email protected] S-A WebSTAR DPC2100 Series DOCSIS Cable Modem Ethernet+USB <<HW_REV: 2.0; VENDOR : S-A; BOOTR: 2.1.6; SW_REV: v2.0.2r1242-040825; MODEL: DPC2100>> System up time = 0 days 00h 35m 13.00s Downstream channel ID = 1 Downstream channel frequency = 447000000 Hz Downstream received signal power = -0.1 dBmV Upstream channel ID = 2 Upstream channel frequency = 38000000 Hz QoS max upstream bandwidth = 256000 bps QoS max downstream bandwidth = 275000 bps SigQu: Signal to Noise Ratio = 40.0 dB Cable modem status = Operational Upstream transmit signal power = 48.9 dBmV Date and Time = unset Configuration filename = 256.cm thanks in advance.
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