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  1. now its up to 210 with your tweak. this is like an emotional rollercoaster ride. Oh and cablenut does not have xp as a operting system setting so what do i do. And will ur tweak work for a PPPoE?? thanx for all ur help seriosly
  2. Van Buren i simply give up.i get 60 kbps with ur tweak and 40 kbps with my old. I toatally give up. Its ok, indians are reaaaaaaaaly incompetant and dont know what service is. I called them and they said this was normal cuz of "International traffic" I sorta find it hard to believe that u lose over 200 percent bandwith cuz off that. sigh, Oh well
  3. As soon as i see him on msn ill ask him
  4. 1 mb loss 24 But thats still ver good.
  5. Your cablenut settings link isn't workin. Oh and can cable ve PPPoE
  6. my friend in korea says he has a 25mb connection for 20 bux a month. He says his school has a 2 gig line!
  7. ok. heres what happened. I followed ur manual for non-advanced users. My mss was 1440 which was not in any of cable or dsl so i tried both. I tried the DSL 512, 256 which out of three tests on test my net got a max of 207 and a min of 160. I tried another setting this time cable 512, 256. I did 3 speed checks. Highest=188 Lowest=170. The next thing i did was clear all cablenut tweaks and save to registry. I did 4 checks. Highest=217 Low=180. P.S. I rebooted after i changed the values. Wat the hell is gion on!!! maybe the results are like this because there is no setting for 256u 256d on ur thing
  8. i just did a tweak tester and it said i should lower it to 7600 or somin?? what do i do. oh by the way my connection is still 160kbps d
  9. Thanx that helped quite a bit. but why 8760?? Are there any other tweaks i can do. I read something about buffer size?I dunno thnax
  10. I have a coaxial cable and a cable modem for only 1 pc. Ive tried uding the optimizer from speed guide but i really dont know if it would work. oh by the way i live in india. any other twaeks i can do
  11. My net connection is suppose to be 256kbps download and 256kbps upload. Upload is what it states but download is around 160!!!!!!!!! ahhhhh Is there some configuration or tweak i need to do!??!!?!? PLz help thanx
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