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  1. ive found wat u were saying and my highest rssi and low sector has a jitter of 3.. and d next option to it has been already applied to my canopy..
  2. im only using windows vista home basic.. ill try wat ur saying extremefusion..
  3. @extremefusion.. i've tried opendns and it does nothin 4 me.. @megabytez.. an hour trip is wen its traffic.. i think it can be uhm 30mins? and i can access my canopy as long as i dont have any tweaks enabled.. but how will i know my ap?? wat will i do in canopy??
  4. how could i know my ap?? i applied 20steps but undid it.. i tried d full speed internet performance booster, the vanburren's tweak but undid it also.. as for programs.. all?? hmmm.. adobe reader 8, avast antivirus, winamp, cablenut 4.08, cccleaner, divx, realplayer, dvd play, gg client, google earth, limewire pro 4.14, macromedia flash, dreamweaver, fireworks, megaupload toolbar, microsoft office xp, microsoft silverlight, firefox, myphone explorer, nba live 07, quicktime, warcraft 3, vlc player, windowfx, windows live messenger, windows media player 11, winrar, yahoo messenger..
  5. im another smartbroKEN user.. my OS is windows vista basic.. my antivirus is avast pro.. it was used with keygen only.. and i tried coolbusters tweak.. and the vista tweak posted here in the site.. but watever i do my speed sucks.. i just hope sum1 cud help me with my problem.. my speed is only decent.. 20-30kb/s when i download anything.. its kinda poor.. hope anybody here can help me on how to improve my speed.. my smartbro is d broadband plan 999.. i get disconnected at gg client wen i use cablenut.. so i stopped.. but even i use cablenut.. it's speed is d same.. my location is in los ba
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