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  1. @jkilla.. you have a 3500 kbps uplink and downlink rate..wahhhh.. in my canopy my max uplink and downlink is 1000 only..range 0 -1000.. why? do you think its my canopy..do i need to upgrade it? waht is your canopy version..i think..were not the same.. pls..reply..do you have a ym so that we can talk..tnx! btw my yahoo id is light_grenades14..
  2. @jkilla pls share to me how do u do that? tnx!!
  3. are you in plan 999? i mean the 384 kbps connection or are u upgraded into 512 kbps or WR512 smart bro?
  4. can u share to me what settings you put in your canopy..what version of cfosspeed you use?settings also in cablenut and your tcp optimizer.. tnx!
  5. can u share me what tweak you use? btw heres my yahoo id light_grenades14. and whats your ISP speed? is is 384 kbps or not?
  6. @ collbuster what settings did you use? can you share us the FDC you use..please..
  7. what settings should i put in the sustained uplink data rate and downlink data rate? someone suggested 500 500.. i see karlo's settings 128 872..its different form mine..can i set mine same as karlo's settings..what is the advantage of it after i change my settings..does my downlink goes fast and my uplink kino would be slow?
  8. yes 13 computer units..and i use router..each pc has a cfosspeed.. a software used for controlling bandwidth and increase speed of my connection.. so how can i access my canopy?can you give me some step by step how to do that?
  9. @coolbuster im on a 384 kbps connection..smart bro..i used already cablenut tweakings but it gives me same result..ia have 13 units.. i check porta of smart bro..im not upgraded into WR512..i think its our base station has a problem.. i want to try to access canopy but i cant.. if u have ym id..can i have it so that i can pm you.. @extreme fusion do you have ym id..so that i can ask about this tweaks.. tnx!!
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