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  1. Yes I know perl and php and HTML and alot more since I am the owner of a top webn hosting company.I am not the cheapest host but I make some money. I also would like to say that I have no problem with ca3le or the owner of this site I just don't like it when someone who does not own this site trys to tell me something when the don't have the authority to do so.I also do like when people threaten me when I know more than half the police force and the government agency's since I am trained as a local police officer and I am soon to be a Oklahoma police officer because that is what I really want
  2. I have sbc yahoo DSL and there advertised speed is 1.5mbs and I usaully never get above 350kbs. But sometimes I may get about 700kbs but I have never got even 1mbs and sbc says that there average speed for dsl is around 1.02mbs instead of 1.5mbs when others are on it but like I said I never even come close to 1mbs can someone help me thanks!!!!
  3. No I know my legal shit So don't threaten me I also know people to and I didn't really spam according to the laws spam is mass email. I also don't have the same ip i always changes so good for you. Basically I am just saying that I don't like people that act like they know the laws when they know nothing so don't tell me that and I will not do it again but it is not really illegal and I know the laws and I have full knowledge of what is legal and whats not but I just don't like people that threaten when I know people to plus I know my laws I happen to know all the laws and I am almost certifie
  4. I pay for sbc 1.5mbs line and they say that there average is about 1.02mbs or so and I have never even gotten 1.02 in fact I have never gotten about 750kbbs most of the time I never get above 380kbs and I have not idea why could you help me please?
  5. I am not spamming I just thought people might like to check my site out it has games music and more plus I am soon offering the trailer of the new GTA on my site plus I will soon offer free sofware that you are supposed to pay for but me knowing how to hack I hack codes etc. So just check it out and tell me if you don't like it because I offer alot of stuff free. Just for visiting like free tech help since I am a tech etc.
  6. Yes they might ber that fast but 20 dollars there is probably alot of moeny there and alos we could have those speeds maybe if we did not have so many people onile ast once in america.
  7. Hey anyone need free tech help if so go to my forum at [snip] or [snip] thanks!!! We also have free music, games,and webmasters items and alot more all free at [snip]
  8. Thats BS I made mine for around 800 after I bought everything and I can play doom3 and farcry and any other game. The building of your own pc is a good Idea thats what I did if I would have bought mine already put together it would have been about 3,000 dollard. Hey check out my system here it is P4 2.8GHz 256mbs ram (not the best still saving to upgrade) and tv tuner with all the channels and a 8x DVDRW and a 16x DVD Drive and a see through case with a blus light on side and a ATI RADEON 9550 video card and a 40GIG hard drive with a 80GIG external and a floppy of course and XP HOME oh and 5.1
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