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  1. Yup I did. Then when they changed my base station they called their office using their cell phone to allow me to change base station. After they leave, I tried changing my base station again but it didn't work.
  2. When I scan for APs, my antenna can see color code 57 so I don't need to re-pan it. The second part is not true IMO as my current base station has a high RSSI, power level and lower JITTER compared to 57, but It's going down almost 20x in a day. Whenever I have no connection I would scan my APs and color code 10 can no longer be seen. My antenna can only see color code 57 and I always check their helpdesk to check what was going on and they'd always advise me that they were having technical difficulties with my current base station. My aunt which is connected to base station 57 has had a
  3. Hi can anyone help me? Hindi na ako makalipat ng base station now by using another color code ever since napalitan yung antenna ko. Dati kasi color code ko is 57 then nagka problema tapos inilipat ako sa color code 10. Ngayon napaka unstable na ng base station na ito and I found out na stable na ulit yung dati kong base station, however pag lumilipat ako dun eh nari redirect ako sa smartbro portal page. After ko mag sign in using SRN and Account Number ko eh eto lumalabas "Error code 50040: The wireless link parameters are unacceptable, please re-pan antenna and try again. thank you."
  4. buy a switch for a measly 500 pesos and then use Wingate. That's what I'm using now, it saves me some money w/c are better off for better computer hardware. .
  5. Wow, from a dl speed of 76 kbps i'm now up to this. Thanks to this and CB's guide.
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