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  1. :sad3:My other PC died. And I lost a lot. I have XP home, and this is what I had in the other PC too.. In the other PC I had a microsolft download that allowed me to do wonders with pictures. I could even remove shadows. It replaced the open with Picture and Fax Viewer with a window that I could edit picture with right there. Does anyone know what I am talking about? It may had something to do with net frame, I am not sure? I do remeber that it added 3 new microsoft programs to my add/remove programs page. Thank you.
  2. i was thinking that the DVI port may have went out on the TV. So I quess I will have to oder a DVI_D to HDMI cable. And I quess I will just have to wait until it comes in.. I was hoping someone might have a "right now" fix..This is a great group, I appeciate all the help that I have gotten in the past. This is not really a PC problem and I thank-you for allowing me to post it here.. ~Dan
  3. Hello. We have been surfing the web on our HDTV since last Aug. We have a video card with DVI-D output. The video card is NVDIA QUADRO NVS 55 PCI GRAPHIC. Yesterday the tv said "no DVI signal". I checked all the connections. I even changed the PC with our backup PC (it was used with the HDTV until a couple of months ago), that also has the same card. Still no DVI signal. I have no way to check the DVI cable, but since it is less than a year old, I doubt that is the problem. The TV is an ilo 32HD, it is 7months old and not in warranty. it has both DVI and HDMI inputs for PC connections.We have always used the DVI. Today I had to connect it up with and S-video connection to the TV, but after watching a digital picture for 7 months, analog just is the Pits, and it does not completely fill the screen. Please Help. ~Dan
  4. Thank-you for the great help. That worked like a charm.
  5. I am on the old PC. it is a compaq presario 5716, IE6 with XP Professional service pack 2. One time I accidentally set a desktop list to the status bar. it is the handiest thing. Here are a couple of screen shots. http://usera.imagecave.com/danginny58/screenshots/desktopNstatusbar.bmp.jpg http://usera.imagecave.com/danginny58/screenshots/desktop2.bmp.jpg I would like to have this on may main computer that we use 99% of the time. It is a eMachine T3304, IE6, with XP Home service pack 2. But I don't know how to go about doing so. Both PC have the same digital video card. NVDIA QUADRO NVS 55 PCI, as we do our PCing on our HDTV.
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