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  1. my antivirus detects the program as harmful for my pc. do we really need to download the tcp/ip patch and be infected with a virus?
  2. I bought my card last year. I really think has something to do with my ISP (SmartBro)
  3. I don't understand how to do that. I tried creating a new connection but I cannot successfully create one. What are the options that I have to choose?
  4. I'm surprised that after 80 views, noone has replied with a solution here
  5. Just recently, I received an sms from SmartBro saying that the basestation in our area (Meycauayan) will undergo maintenance. I wasn't able to surf the 'Net until around 10 pm. I then noticed that I keep getting disconnected from the Internet and I'm now unable to download files from uTorrent. I then tried to do use the basic repair function of my connection but I keep getting this error message: "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Clearing the DNS cache. For assistance, contact the person who manages your network". I also tried to disable and reenable my connection but I'm still encountering the same problem. I even tried to do it in the command prompt. ipconfig /release and /renew works fine but whenever I try to flush the dns (ipconfig /flushdns), I keep getting this error: "Could not flush the DNS Resolver Cache: Function failed during execution.". I don't have time to call SmartBro so I sent them an email instead. I still haven't received any response from them. I hope I provided all the information that you need to help me with my problem. Thanks in advance.
  6. is that really necessary? is there any workaround to this aside from doing that?
  7. yeah. everything's fine here except for my smartbro connection
  8. I cannot use any of the proxies. Whenever I go to Internet Options in IE7 it shows under LAN settings that the box "use automatic configuration script" is checked with these values: http://localhost:9100/proxy.pac. I tried unchecking it and checked the box next to the proxy section and restarted IE but it still came up checked when I went back to see the settings again. Is anyone encountering the same issue? Is Smartbro preventing users to use proxies now?
  9. after doing coolbuster's 10 steps and without any proxies i still have a slow connection compared to the rest of you
  10. johnmartin9199: what did you do to fix your slow connection? Share it with other users so that we can experience a better connection.
  11. They sent me a reply today and gave me a service request number and told me that someone will call me. How long do they usually call after they send you an email? Should I call them using the reference number that they gave me or should I wait?
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