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  1. gantman

    Halo 2

    Honestly, the cheats, exploits and price of the upgrade don't bother me.......(even though they are there).. Its the ruined gameplay.. Been playing halo 1 on xbxconnect... Damn this is fun again.
  2. gantman

    RDRam question

    Hi, I'm going to be adding more RDram.. I currently have 2 128mb chips.. Can I buy one 512mb chip also to go with these 2? I think I remember somewhere that RD ram needs to be installed in pairs? Damn this rd ram is expensive Thanks for your help
  3. gantman

    Halo 2

    Bungie Ruined Halo. Halo 1 gameplay is such a better game. I played halo 1 for 3 years.. I'm done with Halo 2 already.. such a shame.
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