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  1. i saw a link some where on the forum but its broken and if download its corrupted
  2. can anyonr give any information on other free softwares that would boost smartbroken broadband....
  3. same prob here bro we cant do anything bout it just pray that they will upgrade the base station....
  4. can anyone accurately measure their speed after they install CSS.... i already tried but still same speed 300+kbps it doesn't increase to a higher level can any prove that?
  5. i cant acces smartbro proxy? why?
  6. r u sure? i read it from a forum enable quality service but i think we shouldnt mess with the Priority DL and UPload..
  7. it doesnt works in my computer i lost internet evrytime i tried using it
  8. whats a color code? were do i put it....? can any one give a smooth pic of how to tweak a canopy?
  9. <a href="http://www.speedtest.net"><img src="http://www.speedtest.net/result/233056200.png"></a>
  10. geee tnx man with your advised id activated my canopy to 2 d max tnx very much to all of you....
  11. nice 1 man i accesed my canopy now my speed is better 268kbps nice 1 guys cheeezz tnx so much..............
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