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  1. I think this one will work to any version Start -> Run -> and copy-paste code below REG ADD HKCUSoftwareYahooPagerTest /v Plural /t REG_DWORD /d 000001
  2. Is it mydestiny cable? If it is, how much is the monthly bill?
  3. No cablenut, no tcp optimizer, and no no-effect cfos (to me). u can check my consistency.
  4. did u change configs in about:config?
  5. 1.) Opera 2.) Firefox 3.) Netscape 4.) What is I.E. lolz...i'm only using this to download other browser right after reformatting my hd.
  6. But my bro said theres a big noticeable diff...dunno...i took a glance and it was very beautiful and powerful... off topic: Ya he'll die sad...i read the manga...cant recall asuma..i must have been overlooked that episode..
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