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  1. Issues of trying to bring up some sites takes 2 or 3 tries to cannect to them, such any site that has a secure login on main page to enter. I am also trying what I am finding a lost cause almost as to connecting my 360 to xbox live. I am hoping to find maybe some type of "tweak of workaround" for some of what I have been reading actually being common problems. So I may be searching for what might be stated as a "lost cause or just got to live with it answer".
  2. Thanks, for the welcome and quick response.
  3. I was about to edit my post, I did not catch the dateline of it until now I was trying to do more research and found the actual past being made in 2005. Sorry for the time trip. I have had several speed and connectivity issues since upgrading and I started searching for help other than tech support which is no help at all.
  4. I have been reading on other sites about the downs of the hughesnet connetions, and satellite internet in general. One of the peeps on a posting site, stated there is a sat guru here who could help by the name of "The Reverend". I hope that all said on the site was true to fact and that he would consider helping me with my "lack of speed problem". This is a c/p from the post on the other site: If you would simply head to www.testmy.net, log in then post in the DirecWay Forum, they have a dude there named "The Reverend" (he's the DirecWay Moderator for the entire website) ...HE WILL GET YOUR DIRECWAY CONNECTION RUNNING AT FULL SPEED! I was just "turned on" to this info and earlier today he tripled my speed! I have had several up mostly down times in reference to speed issues, since upgrading to their so-called fastest modem ever the HN7000S, can "The Reverend" or anyone possibly help me?
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