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  1. i cant even open my canopy site coz i cant connect to the internet
  2. how could i change the setting of my canopy to 10/mb duplex again pls help help
  3. but i cant access my canopy how would i change it to 10/mb ???? pls help
  4. What Should i Do I just changed my canopy connection from 10/mb duplex to 100/mb Duplex then i cant connect to the smartbro server since then this day is the 10 day disconnected help me pls
  5. how would i change my tcp/ip setting will you guide me?? im currently using windows Millenium OS that is why im having difficulties on connecting on the internet
  6. so you are sayin that my default gateway must be well i will try later
  7. it can obtain ip but i wont connect to the internet why is it like maybe its because i dont have a router
  8. I recently change my canopy settings to 100mb instead of 10 mb full/duplex now i cant connect to the internet im in a cafe now
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