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  1. You can search the forum regarding that. I believe there's a long thread about that already. Color code is a code (from 0 to 255) that identifies your access point. It's under Configuration->Radio.
  2. Proxy makes your web surfing a bit faster because it pulls information from its cache It's deceiving you LOL
  3. That average speed is fine enough You're lucky getting that speed. **Remember torrent downloads depends on peers and seeds. You'll never get high speed downloads if there's no seeder or peers
  4. Mac address of one of the APs here That'll work
  5. Let's put it this way. In a base station, there are 50 users connected. Imagine the base station as your "DSL MODEM/ROUTER" that's connected to WAN with 1 static IP and the 50 users as 50 computers connected to your router. is the IP of the DHCP server which is also your "router". Now if you place a router on your side, that's like a router connected to a router. You understand what I'm trying to say? So when you trace route, the first hop will be your router then the 2nd hop will be the DHCP server of Smart Bro (Which is also the AP) then going out to the internet.
  6. @quigonjan Please post in English so everybody will be able to understand you. I, for once, cannot understand what you just wrote. And, to TMN.
  7. No it's not possible. The public IP you see is the IP of the base station you're registered with. All subscribers connected to that base station have that public IP. If you want to setup your FTP server then go with a DSL connection with a static IP Address.
  8. Cool.. I have to telephone dad now and have him order
  9. First, to TMN. Hope you enjoy your stay. Now when it comes to tweaking, just make sure you remember your original settings. If you're messing with the registry always make a backup so if things go wrong, you can simply merge the backup back. Just follow each instructions carefully and don't skip any step. If you do that I think nothing will go wrong. Rule of thumb: Always make a backup Happy hunting!
  10. Woah...I am getting excited LOL. How long does it take for the service to commence after confirmation that the area is serviceable?
  11. Probably you can do that but if you think the best thing to do is get a new rig then go for it. You mean on the same line? Or your roommate is on another line?
  12. The plans are pretty cheap. I just can't check if it's available in my area online right now, I am in the Philippines using Smart Bro sheez! Well, I guess I'll go with it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's available in my area I wonder if dad will pay for it LOL
  13. Have you tried other computer on that connection? Any other ISP on your area? Where are you located by the way?
  14. Hi Guys, I am going back to Burbank next month and I was thinking of getting my own connection (My dad use a lot of bandwidth and I want something I can call my own hehe). Any advice on which ISP to get? We've been using AT&T since 2004 and I am not really satisfied with their service. Cox is not available in our area. And I will never go with AOL and Earthlink . Do you think Verizon is a good choice?
  15. Maybe there's a lot of cable subscribers on your area already...? Interference on the co-ax cable will also result in slow speeds or interference on the cable modem
  16. @ExtremFusion - Writing equations? Ohh it's a nightmare.. tell me about it.. I am studying Physics right? hahaha sheeez!
  17. I am about to post the steps to make a toolbar hehehe Good for you
  18. Get a pen and paper, note down the original settings Just don't mess with DHCP and NAT because it might render your antenna inaccessible
  19. When you say Choppy, it means cutting in and out... maybe like that.. hehe
  20. I remember when I was with my cousin a month ago strolling somewhere in Manila. I saw a lot of illegal copies of software sold in the streets. I just don't remember where the place is. I believe Windows Vista is sold for like a hundred pesos (that's less than $2.50). Isn't that cheap? Hehe...
  21. No matter, I asked my Filipino cousin about the meaning of that Now I know what it means but thanks for exerting effort to explain to me @FB. I appreciate it. My cousin explained it like "Skipping Rope", so I got it I agree, if all else fails go with the better option. AND the better option is, "get a new ISP!" LOL
  22. I can download at over 50Kilobytes/s actually
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