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  1. ODDLY Chrome tests my DnLd speed at 3.2 mps while FireFox in the 50+ mps. Location tests are the same as are the test times within minutes. No other programs are running to taint the results. How is this possible?
  2. The ERROR below is growing, started out on 1 or 2 pages couple years ago, now it's about every 10th website. FIREFOX & IE don't have an issue, just CHROME & SLIMJET (Chrome). How do I get this BLOCKING removed so I can go to KNOWN SAFE URL's? - THANKS This site can’t provide a secure connection testmy.net uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH The client and server don`t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.
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