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  1. Automatic page updates causing problems with your screen reader?

    If you are using a screen reader and having problems using Mail, it might help to disable automatic page updates. Please note, this will also disable chat and text messaging within Yahoo! Mail. You can toggle automatic updates on and off using the link below. Disable automatic page updates.

    this message is shown in my mail.

  2. i found this on my laptops site:

      Windows Vista  (supported)

    Windows Vista Home Basic (supported)

    Windows Vista Home Premium (supported)

    Windows Vista Business (unsupported)

    Windows Vista Enterprise (unsupported)

    Windows Vista Ultimate (unsupported)


    but why are the other vista not compatible and the 2 are compatible,theyre all the same,,maybe i can also use Xp on my laptop,,help

  3. i have downloaded a program and i think its the cause of the problem, i have forgotten that prgram,,

    the problem is all my browser cannot connect to the internet ,,my main browser is firefox,,an error says connection interrupted. the connection to the server was reset while the page is loading,

    but i can connect to the net with my yahoo messenger.

    anyone knows whats the problem??  or how can i get all my browser working in normal again???

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