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  1. Thank you Roco for your kind reply.. I'll definitely check that out...
  2. Hi all, Is there a better way to do a search on a specific username and display all the posts of that particular username.. I tried advanced search but it is not returning the results on my username... Can someone clarify the procedure to do this in an easiest way? I appreciate all of your responses.. Thank you..
  3. Guys, I was thrown a zillion pages of info and sites, when i tried to search for a better Internet speed test. I've had a tough time in choosing which one's the best.. Atlast, i landed at this site.. Still a thought is still lingering in my head in determining the validity of a an Internet Speed Test site.. Can someone educate me on how to determine a particular website is the best when checked for Internet speeds and it's reliability on the results (no matter where you are in this part of the globe)? I appreciate all of your answers... Thank you
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