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  1. im so glad that my speed reached to 600kbp/s.. question, how to maintain this speed? thanks
  2. ive done fixing my canopy. then i test my speed.. then it goes down to 120+kbp/s.. then i tried the speedtest.net testing my speed to the other server countries. but the download speed is more than 2k kbp/s.. i confused man,
  3. i have a problem sir, i go to run, the type the "cmd" but aftr i press enter it says that "cmd is not a valid win32 application" what should i do now? is there any other way sir? huhuhu
  4. Hi guys, help naman, i need a tweaks in cablenut, i want my connection fast, is there anybody out there? please please PM me
  5. can you tell me guys the best setting in tcpoptimizer and cablenut?.. and is there a chance that i can open again my canopy?.. huhuhuhu
  6. . maybe its from other forum here, yup, i did the 20steps.. can you give me some other tweaks?
  7. ei guys im new here in this forum, and i just wanna know that how can make faster my connection in my smart broadband wireless, i did some techniques here, but i didnt understand some terms. huhuhuhu what can you say guys of my broadband speed? ... i want to be a 400+ club
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